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Established in 1997, Lippo International Inc., North Ameican and Europian Sales Office for TD Materials Ltd., is responsible to to maintain clients requests and material.


Td Materials Ltd., & Lippo International Inc.

As a global supplier of high performance materials including molybdenum, tungsten, tentalum and refractory metals, Lippo International Inc., serves a wide range of industries, including vacuum furnace assebly, electronics, medical, lighting, semiconductor, energy, aerospace, automotive and thin film coating.

Lippo International Inc., thrives on serving new and emerging technologies and solving customer's challenges. Our engineering and design teams at TD Materials Ltd., are experts in providing "total cost of ownership" solutions to customers. TD Materials Ltd., has been awarded GB/T19001-ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and GB/T24001-ISO14001 Environment Management System Certificate.

TD Materials Ltd.: T & D Materials., Ltd is a supplier of tooling, engineered components and advanced materials that are consumed in production processes. Our products use highly complex metallurgy and materials science in tungsten carbide powders, ceramics, tungsten and molybdenum metals and alloys that are particularly resistant to heat, abrasion, pressure and wear. With 247 employees, the corporation's annual sales are over USD$70 million , nearly half of which comes from sales outside China, T & D is headquartered in Hunan, China. The company marketing and service network is spreading all over the country and the quality of its products has won the unanimous favorable appraisal from numerous customers. Its overseas sales network spreads over more than 30 countries and regions including its sales office in North America and its products are selling to the various continents of the world.

Our Company

T & D possesses advanced machinery and equipment as well as testing instrument, for example, HIP sintering furnace,1000 tons, 3000tons, 6000 tons and 10000 tons press machines , high precision grinding machine for roll ring, ultrasonic (no damage) detector. Various physical & chemical testing equipments and measuring devices. T & D has employed a senior engineer from foreign capital enterprise as its chief engineer and invited the overseas experts for its technical consultants. The series of tungsten carbide products are drawing dies, heading & punching dies, cold heading & stamping dies, pellets, bushes, nib, plates, rods, rollers for cold rolling, roller rings, percussive drilling tip, seal rings, strips, balls, trundling scissors, toothpick tip, woodworking cutters, forming cutters, milling inserts, glass cutters, disc cutters, etc. We also accept orders of all kinds of special designed products of tungsten carbides. Besides cemented carbide products, T & D supply molybdenum and tungsten metals and alloys including wire, rod, plate, sheet, foil, tube and fabricated parts according to customer’s requirements. The materials are pure tungsten, pure molybdenum, doped Si+Al+K tungsten, high density tungsten alloy, copper tungsten, silver tungsten, rhenium tungsten, thoriated tungsten, lanthanum tungsten, yttrium tungsten, tantalum tungsten, high temperature molybdenum, yttrium molybdenum, copper molybdenum, TZM, lanthanum molybdenum, MoSiO2 etc.

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